Education Programs

Learn about our extensive educational programs

Education is at the heart of Aullwood’s mission. We provide activities and programs that enrich lives through education and stewardship of birds and ecosystems. We envision a world where birds thrive and people prosper, everyone is empowered to take conservation action, and diversity of life and thought is respected.  

Aullwood's dedicated education team teaches programs that tie to the Ohio Learning Standards and support concepts that are being taught in the classroom. We teach about the interconnectedness of life and explaining the importance of our role in the preservation and conservation of our planet.   

Aullwood Audubon conducts business according to our conservation education beliefs and values regarding stewardship, scientific study, and people. We value and believe in: 

  • the inquiring minds of children and their innate desire to learn
  • natural history learning through hands-on and field experiences
  • the idea that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner 
  • enhancing lives by developing a sense of wonder and providing close contact with nature
  • empowering experiences which foster appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of the Earth
  • environmental education promoting lifelong behaviors which protect the natural environment
  • teaching stewardship by example
  • respecting and protecting the Earth's diversity
  • the intrinsic value of green space, agricultural land, and wilderness
  • sound scientific principles underlying quality environmental education
  • the importance of understanding ecological concepts and processes
  • advancing our mission by maintaining a welcoming and friendly atmosphere 

School and Youth Programs

The JANUARY 2023 AULLWOOD AUDUBON PROGRAMS FOR SCHOOLS AND GROUPS BROCHURE is available at the bottom of this page under "Downloadable Resources". Contact us at (937) 890-7360 or for additional information on school programs. Besides in-person field trips, Aullwood offers these virtual programs:

+ Plant and Animal Adaptations
+ Avian Investigators
+ Feathered Friends
+ Ohio: Past, Present, Future 
+ Web of Life  

Outreach Programs

Outreach programs provide exciting, entertaining and educational assemblies for elementary students. Our assemblies feature the musical and artistic talents of Environmental Educator Chris Rowlands, a nationally-recognized performer teaching children about nature through innovative programs. Chris creatively blends music, art, comedy and education to create high energy, fast paced shows which teach and inspire young people. The Environment Magazine honored Chris by awarding him its first E Award for his environmental education programs. Programs include: 

  • Music Assemblies with Chris Rowlands
    + Farmin’ Fever
    + It’s Wild Out There
  • Outreach Programs with Chris Rowlands
    + Artists in Residence: Art (Mini Residency)
    + Artists in Residence: Art (Full Residency)
    + Artists in Residence: Music
    + Young Authors Program

Scouting Programs

Find out more about our scout programs on the Scouting Programs page.

Homeschool Programs

Aullwood can be a valuable resource for homeschool groups. Students gain a better understanding of science, conservation, natural history and agriculture through unique hands-on and discovery experiences. Many of our preK-12 school programs can be tailored to mixed grade groups. A $75 minimum program fee applies. To review our formal school program offerings, see our JANUARY 2023 AULLWOOD AUDUBON PROGRAMS FOR SCHOOLS AND GROUPS BROCHURE. All requests for programs must be submitted online - please click on our PROGRAM VISIT REQUEST FORM to begin your request.

Resources of the Earth and Agriculture Discovered and Shared (R.E.A.D.S.)

Aullwood READS is an innovative program linking students enrolled in an after-school program with volunteers. This model initiative, for 15-20 children in 2nd-4th grades, integrates reading and writing skills with hands-on experiences in nature and farming. The students visit Aullwood once a week for 90-minute sessions for 10 weeks. Aullwood naturalists and volunteers provide hands-on learning experiences for the children at Aullwood’s nature center and sustainable farm. Caring adult volunteers tutor children, helping them read books on nature and farming that relate to that day’s hands-on, outdoor activities to improve their reading skills and attitudes toward reading, nature and agriculture. 

Avian Art Program

The Aullwood Avian Art program brings Outreach Environmental Educator and artist Chris Rowlands into your classroom to teach students about birds and art. This program covers the cost of art supplies and Chris’s instruction about bird biology, the importance of birds, why they should be protected and various artistic methods to create a dramatic picture – that tells a story about the bird’s natural history. The Aullwood Avian Art Program would not be possible without the generous support of its sponsors, Robert and Annette Marquardt. This program is sponsored in memory of Robert’s mother Enid Marquardt, a teacher who taught for 30 years in the Dayton school system and loved birds. If you are an art teacher interested in having your school participate in the Avian Art Program, contact

Aullwood's Head Start Nature / Farm Preschool

Aullwood Audubon Farm is the site of Miami Valley Child Development Centers' farm-based preschool. Please contact the Miami Valley CDC directly for more information at 937-623-9396 or visit their web page at

Scheduling a Visit

Please complete our PROGRAM VISIT REQUEST FORM to begin scheduling your visit. All programs are held as scheduled, rain or shine. In case of severe weather that prevents outdoor exploration, hands-on indoor activities will be conducted. Cancellations must be made 14 days in advance of the program, otherwise the school will be billed for the cancelled program. 

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